Importance Of Good Thermal Bridging

Why Care?

Poor thermal bridging design and workmanship around windows and doors, abutments with walls floors and roofs, insulations changes in direction, type, joints and the lack of insulation or poor workmanship in standard construction methods can all increase the risk of condensation and mould growth within our buildings.

How & Why?

As buildings are becoming better insulated this increases the internal temperature which when a thermal bridge is present also known as a cold bridge) allows the colder outside temperature to bypass the insulation through the building fabric usually in isolated areas. This cold spot within the building fabric will upon contact with the warmer indoor temperature condensate and most likely over time result in mould growth.

The Problem!

The major problem with condensation and mould growth is that often it's only after the building is complete and lived in that it becomes apparent of the problem. A lot of the time the problem is inherent in the design in the first place or the lack of design in most cases. As previously mentioned poor workmanship can also be a major contributor too.

Design It Out!

Good news this can all be designed out with u-values and condensation risk analysis calculated using BRE BR 497 standards and also investing Psi-Value (thermal bridging) calculations which look and junctions and abutments of differing materials and insulations. Typically the high risk areas are listed below:-

  • Window & Door Reveals
  • External & Internal Wall Corners
  • Ceiling & Roof Junctions
  • Flat Roof Abutments
  • Parapet Walls
  • Ground Floor Junctions
  • Cantilever Balconies
  • Steelwork which breaks insulation lines

All of these, plus any junction you can think of can be modelled by our assessors using the latest 2d & 3d modelling software to accurately calculate the risk of condensation using varied/seasonal indoor and outdoor temperatures and different humidity factors. So you can be rest assured that condensation won't be a problem on your next project.

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