Air Permeability & Pressure Testing

Commercial / Non-Domestic

Air permeability testing or as it is sometimes known as “air tightness or air leakage testing” is carried out on a building to confirm the actual air permeability rating of the building as required by Part L2a of the Building Regulations. BEAT Solutions are registered members of iATS scheme which means all our staff are able to provide certificates which are guaranteed to be accepted by any private or local building control officer including NHBC.

If you require residential or domestic air testing on either houses, flats, student accommodation or care flats, please visit our Residential air testing page.

What is an air permeability test? The test measures the amount of uncontrolled air movement through the building’s fabric such as cracks, gaps, wholes and voids. The testing is non-destructive and usually takes up to 2-4 hrs to complete dependent on the size of the building with the results being confirmed onsite and the reports issued same day.

Why test? Being able to identify the volume and location of uncontrolled air movement within a building enables you to rectify the areas and reduce the overall air leakage. In simple terms if you are using energy whether it be gas, electric or anything else to heat the building if that heat is bypassing your nicely insulated building fabric then the heating system is working harder to replenish that loss of heat, costing money and carbon to the environment. This is why within the SBEM calculation process lowering the “design or assumed” air permeability rating helps improve the buildings emission rate (BER) making the energy compliance easier and improving the EPC rating. 

How we can make it easy! We have been testing building since 2006 when Part L2a first introduced the need for air permeability testing. Since then we have tested hundreds of buildings ranging from small shops and offices to large schools and office buildings. During this time our experience and knowledge means we are the south costs leading experts of all things air tightness, involve us early in the project and we promise to help and support your designers to ensure the best possible air test results.

Why use us?

  • iATS members
  • Competitive prices
  • Discounts for multiple tests
  • Professional, reliable and on-time site staff
  • Onsite results for site staff
  • Same day certificates issued electronically
  • CSCS card holders
  • Free same day retests in the event of failure


BEAT Solutions are proud members and approved air permeability testing engineers governed and licensed by iATS.