Daylight Calculations

Daylight calculations are required by section HEA1 of the Code for Sustainable Homes technical standards to achieve up to 3 credits and encourage good health and wellbeing by providing comfortable levels of daylight. The process involves calculating the daylight factor within given rooms of a dwelling, these include living and dining rooms, studies, home offices and kitchens. 

Kitchens are required to achieve a daylight factor of 2% and all other rooms 1.5%, this will enable a dwelling to achieve 2 of the 3 credits available. An additional 1 credit is available where the working plane within all rooms will achieve direct sunlight. In order to demonstrate this a survey detailing the height of nearby obstructions such as fences, buildings and trees are required.

Our team of assessors will provide you with a detailed report for each dwelling, which will include daylight calculations for each of the rooms required. If the credits aren’t achievable our assessors can advise you what changes would be required to achieve the credits.

What next! Just send us your drawings and specifications and we’ll take care of the rest, calculations are usually turned around within a few days.