Ecology Assessment/Surveys

Development and disruption to land for development is inevitable, which is why many councils now require ecological assessments to carefully consider ecology before, during and after the development is built.


Most councils now require some form of ecological assessment to be provided with a planning application. Also the introduction of Code for Sustainable Homes has driven the need to ecologically appraise the land for pre and post development value. This process encourages the good and effective use of land to maximise ecological habitat and use of native species of trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers in exchange for up to 9 credits in Code.

What’s involved?

A site visit is usually conducted prior to any construction works including demolition to understand and survey the development. You may require a simple bio-diversity study, phase 1 or 2 habitat survey or an ecology assessment just for Code for Sustainable Homes. Our ecologists will be able to help you achieve whatever is required to successfully progress your project quickly and efficiently. If your project requires both any planning related and Code for Sustainable Homes related surveys we will endeavour to survey the project in one visit saving you time and money, which will all be provided in one report.

Our team of ecologists are all suitably qualified and are full members of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM) with in excess of 15years experience working in the industry. We will always endeavour to meet your timeframes and generally our ecologists are able to visit site within 5 to 7 days following your instruction. A report will be issued 3 to 5 days shortly after that.

Why us?

  • Low prices
  • Quick response times
  • Reports issued fast
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff