MVHR Supply & Install

The Complete Service

Design, supply, install & commission, using our dedicated team of designers and installers we are able to offer a complete solution for your new build project. Our MVHR systems will provide excellent indoor air quality which will ensure a healthy home environment and deliver energy efficient savings for the SAP calculation and dwelling emission rate (DER) compared with traditional intermittent extract fans.

Benefits of MVHR Systems include:-

  • Excellent indoor air quality
  • Energy efficient cost savings on your fuel bills
  • Reduces your heating demand
  • Filtered air supply for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Extracts bad smells and indoor pollutants
  • Helps controls condensation
  • Reduce outside noise pollution (no trickle vents in windows)

MVHR Design

We offer to housebuilders a full MVHR design service, ensuring the system is designed to best fit the buildings main structural components. Ideally MVHR work best in projects with open web joists of false ceiling voids ensuring the distribution of ventilation ductwork is most efficient. I any case our designers will review the project drawings and provide the most cost effective system design taking into your projects specific requirements. Typically we design and supply 90mm semi-rigid radial ductwork systems, which works effortlessly with open web joists and false ceiling voids to traditional or concrete floors. 

MVHR Supply & Install

Our experienced installers are BPEC qualified to install your system. Typically a full system will include at least 3 main stages.

Stage 1 - Site Visit

This will include a visit to the project to review the system design against the actual physical building. This we help ensure the system has been correctly designed prior to any parts being ordered. At this stage we will review with a member of the site management the proposed duct runs and MVHR unit location. A carefully review of the building will reveal and possible problems such as any steelwork within the duct runs and provide a chance to review and amend the system design prior to installation.

Stage 2 - 1st Fix Install

At this stage the ductwork and any low voltage cabling for controls will be installed prior to plasterboarding and dependant on the completeness of the building fabric the main MVHR unit may also be installed.

Stage 3 - 2nd Fix Install

At this stage the room wall/ceiling terminals will be installed and any remaining ductwork from the radial mainifold to the main MVHR unit will be completed. If the project is nearing completion and power is available the system can be balanced and commissioned.

Stage 4 - Finals

Upon completion of the project the MVHR system can be balanced and commissioned. A handover pack is provided for inclusion in the occupiers O&M manual.

We specialise in multi-unit size projects typiaclly 10 properties and above. Request your free quote now by calling 01489 565920.