PassivHaus Air Tightness Training

Why do you need a site champion for air tightness

As a standard requirement of PassivHaus, the airtightness must achieve an air change rate of 0.6 (n50) better known as 0.6 air changes per hour @ 50 Pascals. The importance of understanding the difference in design, application and workmanship compared to the building regulation standards which allow an air permeability rate of upto 10m³/hr/m² @ 50 Pascals.

The first stage in achieving PassivHaus air tightness standards is the adopting the correct design methodology and details which must be done during the detailed design stage prior to any works commencing onsite. This must be done at the detailed design stage by a qualified air tightness specialist (see our air tightness detailed design review service). Assuming a detailed design review as already been undertaken either by the design team, client or contractor it is important that a member of the site management team take responsibility.  This person is commonly known and the "air tightness site champion" and is responsible for ensuring the detials are correctly implemented, installed and maintained throughout the construction process.

Nominating a "airtighness site champion" we help ensure your project is capable of overseeing the installation and maintiance of the air tightness layer giving you the best possible chance for achieving the PassivHaus requirement.

What will you learn

During the course you will learn:-

  • Why is air tightness important
  • What is an air tightness layer
  • What is the role of an air tightness champion
  • What types of systems can be used
  • How different systems are installed
  • Understanding key construction detials 
  • How to achieve air tightness excellence
  • What tools you will need
  • Best pratice techinques
  • Common problems and failures and how best to avoid them
  • Educating sub-contractors onsite
  • How to prepare for a air test


£650+VAT per delegate (discounts available for multiple delegates

The 1 days site champion training is provided at BEAT Solutions office from 9:30am to 3:00pm.