PassivHaus or Passive House

What is PassivHaus?

PassivHaus is an international recognised energy performance standard developed in Germany in the 1990's. The standard is heavily focused on reducing the requirement for space heating and cooling, whilst providing excellent indoor comfort levels. To do this PassivHaus focuses on adopting a fabric first approach using high levels of insulation from the building enevlope and exceptional levels of airtightness coupled with whole house mechanical ventilation.

PassivHaus uses the following princples to achieve excellent thermal comforts for either Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Public buildings and can reduce space heating requirements by 75% compared to standard practices:-

  • High levels of insulation
  • Minimal thermal bridging
  • Good indoor air quality through MVHR
  • Optimising passive solar gains
  • Simple design for minimising extrenal surfaces compared to the internal floor area
  • Using thermal mass to balance temperature changes 

Certified Designers & Consultants

Our certified PassivHaus designers and consultants can work with you to assess your project against any of the three PassivHaus standards Classic, Premium and plus. Where required we can provide advice as to the suitability of the overall design, proosed fabric and building services. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals of full Passivhaus certifiaction.

The basic standards for achieving PassivHaus Classic require that the buildings design meet the following criteria:

  • Specific space heating demand ≤15 kWh/(m²a)
  • Specific space cooling demand ≤15 kWh/(m²a)
  • Heating load ≤10 W/m²
  • Specific primary energy demands ≤120 kWh/(m²a)
  • Air changes per hour (ACH) ≤ 0.6 @ n50

Passive House Planning Package (PHPP)

Firstly for any PassivHaus project you'll need to commission a PHPP verification report which will establish the buildings performance compared to the PassivHaus requirements for either Classic, Premium or Plus. Our PassivHaus designers can support you to obtain the your desired level of PassivHaus certification. It is important that we are consulted early in the design process in order to most effectively influence the buildings design and specification. Failure to do so will often results in non-compliance and abortive costs.