Renewable Calculations & Feasibility Reports

Often required by local planning authorities and sometimes called energy, renewable or feasibility reports, they are required to demonstrate the practical inclusion of either carbon or energy saving related technologies.


Many planning authorities either in addition to a Code for Sustainable Homes set a benchmark for the amount of energy and/or carbon that is to be reduced or offset. This figure is usually between 10-20% of the development’s total energy and/or carbon production.

What’s involved?

Usually only conducted as a desktop survey using plans and specifications we calculate using SAP methodology the development's total energy and carbon production. On larger or more complex projects we may require a site visit to better understand and survey the development as this may dictate which renewable technologies or fabric choices are available.

How we can help?

Our team of energy assessors are able to work with your design team to discuss the best and most cost effective solutions for your development. Our experience in energy and carbon modelling enables us to quickly make choices that will comply with any local authority requirements.