U-Value Calculations & Condensation Risk Analysis to BRE BE 497

Why Use Us?

We use the latest U-Value calculation software which is calculated to the highest level of accuracy against BRE BR 497 standards. Unlike most standard or free U-value calculation software we are able to calculate even the most complex of constructions. Additionally we are able to calculate condensation risk analysis using location specific weather parameters including outside temperatures and humidity levels over the last 30 year period. This will ensure your calculations are not generic and are site specific.

Why Check Condensation Risk?

As standard our BRE BR 497 will come complete with condensation risk analysis calculations, this will ensure your have design out the risk of condensation in your construction specifications. The cost of remedying condensation once a building is complete can be huge. Paying to have expertly calculated U-values that include condensation risk will save you money in the long run and offer you peace of mind that you haven't unknowningly built something which will result in condensation and mould growth later.

Whats The Cost?

Starting at just £50.00+VAT for a single u-value calculation and are provided to you in a simple 4 page pdf. All we need is your proposed build specification and we'll do the rest. Discounts are available for multiple calculations or larger projects.

How Many Do I Need?

Typically a standard house will require at least 3 U-values assuming each element has the same construction throughout. Therefore complex buildings will most liekly require more and could include any of the following;-

  • Ground Floor Constructions
  • Exposed Floors (over garage)
  • External Wall Constructions
  • Pitched Roof Constructions
  • Flat Roof Constructions
  • Basement Walls
  • Basement Walls

Turnaround Timescales

Our standards turnaround is 3-5 days from receipt of all the construction specifications and drawings. For a quickier turn around use our express service for same day calculations which start at £100.00+VAT per U-value calculation.