Our Partners

Here at BEAT Solutions we believe the keys to providing the best possible service are trust, openness and teamwork. This approach has seen many of our clients relationships formally become an alliance.

In doing so, our alliance partners choose to appoint BEAT Solutions to be their soul service provider for all energy, sustainability and testing needs. Partners are rewarded with very competitive fixed priced rates for a minimum duration period. In addition, we provide inclusive bespoke training sessions for site management and attendance to meetings to support the design team.

This supportive approach helps us develop a close working relationship with the technical and construction teams. Our strong understanding of our alliance partners’ likes, dislikes and needs ensures we are able to deliver the best possible solutions and appropriate advice in the quickest of timeframes.

A selection of our alliance partners are listed below.



If you are interested in hearing more about our alliance partnerships or would like to become a partner, please call us on 01489 565920 and we would be happy to discuss things further.